Tutorial: Make Your Own Stencils for Polymer Clay

Materials used:
I started with a book of Art Nouveau jewelry designs for inspiration. 

I traced the design on the stencil material with a sharpie and then went over it with the stencil cutter. 

I used an acrylic roller to imprint the stencil on the clay,and then I painted it with the pearl ex powders and nail brushes. 

I went over the lines with gold acrylic paint. 

And then I put a layer of resin on top to protect it. 

I made a second stencil using a Tiffany stained glass window as inspiration. 

It had a lot of small pieces, which kept falling out of the stencil, so I glued it to a piece of card stock. 

Here it is imprinted on the clay:

             Again, I painted it with the pearl ex powders. Here's the inspiration, the final piece, the drawing I started with, and the stencil.

My oven recently died, and I think it wasn't heating these pieces evenly because when I went to punch a hole in this one, it cracked. 

I got a Cricut Explore recently, and I'm excited to see how it does creating stencils. While I liked using the stencil cutter, the lines it made were a little rough. There were also a lot of little plastic bits that had to be cleaned up. It had trouble tracing some of the smaller details, too.

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