Sea foam green earrings

I haven't made many earrings using bead embroidery techniques, but I like these pretty well. When I make earrings, I like having a couple of components, but when using bead embroidery, you want to make sure they're connected in such a way that they don't twist around and show the back. I've had that problem with other earrings I've made, but these are pretty much twist-proof. I joined them with three strands, so it would be hard for either piece to twist around, and I secured the loop at the top to several beads so that it couldn't twist either. They pretty much have to stay facing forward now.

I started with some stones I got from laurenrose on etsy. This is what they looked like initially, and the only thing that I'm disappointed with about these earrings is that I had to cover up so much of the stones to secure them in their seed bead bezels. I wonder if a net stitch bezel would be better next time, because that would allow the stones to show through. Or I could use bigger stones.

Note: the photo directly above was taken by laurenrose and I lifted it from her etsy shop because I forgot to take my own picture of them before I covered them in beads.

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