Han Solo in Carbonite Resin Bracelet

Materials used:
I started by spraying the mold release into the mold and allowing it to dry. Then I measured out the two parts of resin into the medicine cup, stirred them together with the wooden craft stick (you can't clean the resin off or reuse the stir stick, so use something disposable), and added the pearl ex mica powder. I used two shades of silver and a bronze color. 30 ml was enough resin to fill all six molds almost to the top.

They weren't quite full, though, so I mixed another 15 ml of resin, into which I added the black ink. Initially, I thought the resin had set enough that there would be a layer of black, but instead it sank in, making a cool pattern. 

This is what they looked like after being removed from the mold three days later. 

The edges were kind of sharp, so I filed down the back and side of each piece. I used metal jewelry/nail files in water to avoid inhaling the dust.

Then I used a hand drill to drill two holes in each piece. Measure carefully to make sure the holes are evenly spaced and equivalent on each piece. I marked the spots with sharpie on each component. You can use a needle tool or bead reamer to clean up the holes after you drill.

I tested stringing the pieces to see if they lined up right.

Then I strung them with Fireline thread and hematite spacers. I also made a resin loop and toggle clasp to match. 

It can be worn in reverse, too.

Bonus photo of my dog as Princess Leia. He is not amused. 

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