Polymer Clay Tile Box

Materials used:

  • Cricut explore
  • Wooden box
  • Black and translucent polymer clay
  • Alcohol inks
  • Alcohol ink blotter
  • Gold foil/leaf
  • Exacto knife
The finished product:

First, I found a free stained glass pattern that I liked. I uploaded it to Adobe Illustrator and used the Image Trace option. I had to trace the lines because Cricut's design space didn't recognize the image when I tried to upload it as is. I kept ending up with a blank upload. 

Then you can go to Cricut's design space to upload it.

Make sure to save it as soon as you upload it. Cricut's design space seems a little error prone, and if you don't save it, you lose all your work.

I customized it to the size of the box I had.

But when I went to cut it, the elements of the image had all separated.

The box wasn't quite squared off, so that's why there are gaps around the edge.

I used gold foil on black polymer clay with different colored alcohol inks.

I covered it with translucent clay and used the cut-outs from the black frame as stencils.

Here they are after baking:

And after a little more treatment with the heat gun, which makes the translucent clay clearer.

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